Blaster Box Break: Topps The Walking Dead Season 7

I’ve never really thought about buying non-sports cards until I started dabbling in The Walking Dead Season 6 cards. But that, plus seeing some of the hits posted online (mainly the bullet relics), got me interested in starting up my collection this year.

Boy, am I glad I did.

This was only the second blaster box of the cards that I’ve ever bought, and if they’re more like that, I’ll definitely be in the market for more.

Get singles from Topps The Walking Dead Season 7 here


Each box contains 10 packs, with six cards per pack. There are usually 2 to 3 inserts per pack, including one rust parallel per pack.

The rust parallels from this box.

You’ll also get a hit per box, in its own separate pack, giving you a total of 61 cards for the $19.99 you spend on the box.


Walkers: A set of 10 of the best walkers from that season. In this box, I pulled three. Crazy to see the level of decay the the makeup and costume departments were able to pull off.

Allegiances: A set of 7 of the show’s best partnerships that are only found in Wal-Mart boxes. My box had five, and my favorite was definitely the Ezekiel and Jerry. Such a great duo.

Rivalries: A set of 4 of the show’s best hateships. My box had two, including the great Rick and Negan one. Can’t top that combo in this season.

Characters: A set of 19 highlighting some of the main cast of characters on the show. This is one of the bigger insert sets, and my box only had three. But as a fan of Abraham, that was definitely a hit in my book.

Chop: A set of 9 cards again highlighting characters on the show. This set has been a staple in previous releases, but it’s still a nice look.

Numbered Parallels: There are five different parallels of each card, both base and inserts. In each of the two blaster boxes I’ve opened this year, there’s been one of them. This one was a rust (03/99) Rivalries of Negan and Spencer — such a short rivalry.

Hit: This is the big draw, of course. Wal-Mart boxes are probably in bigger demand because of the ability to get a shell casing relic. But most common from Wal-Mart are the walker relics (only found from Wal-Mart) which are still pretty darn cool — and was pulled from the first box I bought.

This box, I knew I didn’t get a relic as the pack was too thin and light. I was excited about the prospect of hitting an auto and saved it for last. Turns out some more patience is required on my part.

A Melissa McBride rust parallel on-card auto (numbered out of 99)! Definitely my best blaster box hit, especially since she’s a character from the start of the show. Not my favorite character, but she’s a bad ass and definitely will never complain about it.

Funnily enough, there were plenty of duplicates from my first box to this one. But this hit more than makes up for it. It’s definitely looking forward to blasting another box or two.

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