Box Break: 2016/17 Panini Threads Basketball Hobby Box

Basketball is an odd one for me — it’s my least-watched of the major sports but still one of my favorites to collect. (Who am I kidding? I love to collect all.)

So when Blowout had a hobby box of 2016-17 Panini Threads on sale, I decided to take the plunge. I had purchased one a while back and was happy with the results so I figured it was worth the shot.

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A bit about this box — 20 packs are in it, 6 cards per pack (I could only find 19 though when going over it. Not sure what happened there). One autographed card is guaranteed, along with one memorabilia.

Was it worth it? I’ll let you be the judge. Check below for the packs.

Pack 1: Bunch of recognizable names on the base, and a KD insert. Good start.


Pack 2: First hobby hit, a leather rookie of second overall pick Brandon Ingram. Jury’s still out on how good of a NBA player he’ll be, but still a good one. Also like Horford.


Pack 3: Century red parallel numbered 33/199 of Malik Beasley (no idea if he’s still in the NBA). Can’t go wrong with a Giannis card, too.


Pack 4: Base of a pair of HOFers – Anthony and Gasol – and a top young guard in Booker. Plus a card of TNT’s Kenny the Jet Smith.


Pack 5: Hardwood Pioneers card of Magic. Future HOFer Dirk. And rookie of Caris LeVert, who will hopefully come back 100% soon from his horrific leg injury.


Pack 6: A Century Red Hardwood Pioneers non-numbered parallel of Elgin Baylor. Otherwise, not a whole lot of note here.


Pack 7: My favorite is the Steph Curry card. I’ve never been a fan of cards without the player on them, so while the Team Threads is a cool concept, not my favorite execution. This one is of Jordan Clarkson.


Pack 8: Pretty easy to tell the best card in this pack — the autographed Kyrie Team Threads, numbered 88/99. Didn’t even know that they had autographed versions of this insert set so took me a minute to process it all. I’m not a Kyrie fan so honestly I’ll probably sell it, but still a great hit!


Pack 9: KD base, Murray rookie, KAT Front-Row Seat insert… solid pack. Plus, Aquaman aka Steven Adams.


Pack 10: There’s out box friend Brandon Ingram again. Plus a base of MVP James Harden and ESPN’s Mark Jackson Floor Generals insert.


Pack 11: Jamal Murray looks like he’ll be a player so his rookie was a nice get. Two John Walls in this pack, including a Front-Row Seat Century Red parallel.


Pack 12: The base alone is good — KAT, AD, Marcus Smart, The Klaw, and rookie of The President. Oh, and a Debut Threads prime patch — numbered 1/25 — of Diamond Stone. He never panned out in the NBA but his name is the stuff of legends.


Pack 13: Pascal Siakam is a key piece to the East-topping Raptors so his rookie is a nice get. Otherwise the pack was dull. I know the name Gail Goodrich (Hardwood Pioneers) but I know nothing about him.


Pack 14: I like the inserts in this pack. Gobert is one of my favorite players. And the Wilt Chamberlain Hardwood Pioneers Century Proof Holo is a pretty cool card.


Pack 15: There’s Diamond Stone again. The second guaranteed leather rookie is of Juan Hernangomez, who’s taken a step forward in his third year. And I like Chris Paul so I’m happy with that insert.


Pack 16: There’s another Team Threads insert, this one the normal, un-signed one. This one is of our friend Ingram again. The third and final card of his in this box.


Pack 17: Chris Paul, Paul George base. Boogie Cousins Front-Row Seat insert. That’s all.


Pack 18: Another Century Proof Red parallel, this one of Darren Collison. Saric is a pretty good rookie card.


Pack 19: Dwyane Wade base. Damian Lillard insert. Diallo was a big recruit at Kansas but hasn’t done anything in the NBA.


So the box tapered off at the end but still a great box overall. Heck, would probably get the price of it back on the Kyrie card alone. I would definitely consider getting another box, especially if I find it on sale again.

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