Football Card Blaster Box Break: 2018 Score

I’m currently dog/apartment sitting for my Kansas City Chiefs-loving friend. Keep that in mind as you go through this post.

But since I’m away from home I figured I’d stop by the local WalMart to pick up some groceries… and of course check out the card selection. Nothing good was discounted so I picked up some 2018 Score since it’s been a while since I’ve opened any. Upon getting back to the place, I didn’t waste any time ripping in to it… with the pup eyeing me as if I was opening up some treats for him.

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Pack 1:


Call it the kicker pack with Justin Tucker and Greg Zuerlein. Nice NFL Draft card with Calvin Ridley and can’t go wrong with a Brady card. The rookie highlight was Derrius Guice (2020 edit: Guice is not a highlight… and has some huge allegations against him), despite him missing all of this past year.

Pack 2:


The Josh Allen rookie is the big draw here. I’m still not sure how good he’ll be in the NFL, but he had some moments this past year. Could be a big card in a few years… or he’ll be another Ryan Tannehill type.

Pack 3:


Sorry, Raiders fans. This pack contained two Khalil Mack cards — Raiders certainly could have used him this him this year. None of the rookies stood out to me.

Pack 4:


Call this the almost pack. Wrong Georgia offensive player. Wrong Auburn running back. But I do love the Jake Elliott card. He’s the underrated hero of the Super Bowl. That kick at the end was CLUTCH.

Pack 5:


A nice group of inserts here. Roquan Smith is a defensive beast. Todd Gurley is the best running back in the league. And I think OJ Howard is gonna be one of the best tight ends in the game in a few years. Rookies were pretty meh.

Pack 6:


Second pack in a row with a parallel, and another Brady insert. I do like the Scoreboard inserts, too. Rookies, again, weren’t great.

Pack 7:


Can’t beat that DeAndre Hopkins photo choice. Granted, he makes one of those catches per game. But still hella cool. I’ve heard of Hurst among the rookies, not sure of the other two.

Pack 8:


Another three-insert pack. Gold Julio Sidelines is pretty cool. Courtland Sutton is doing… something. Honestly don’t know how he did this past year. I like the Josh Adams rookie. I think he’ll be a good piece in the Eagles backfield the next few years.

Pack 9:


Yay for a JJ Watt Scorecard parallel. I thought the Cooks Celebration card was a parallel too — but it’s not. Pretty good crop of linemen, too, among the rookies.

Pack 10:


Nice crop of rookies here. Sam Darnold had a great end to his season. Sony Michel played well when healthy. And the Russell Wilson Color Rush insert is pretty cool with the green.

Pack 11:


I could tell this pack had the guaranteed hit relic in it so I intentionally held it for last. I wasn’t expecting a jersey relic of one of the best young QBs in the game — Patrick Mahomes! Love watching him play so I’m gonna add it to my collection, despite it probably not being a game-used relic (I miss those days. I don’t care for the “player-worn” stuff). An added bonus were the rookies — I’m a UR grad so love seeing the Lauletta pop up (even though I wish it would have the Spider logo). And the Baker Mayfield rookie made this pack hands-down the best in the box.

It was a fun box to break, even if it wasn’t on sale. Score is one of my go-to brands, so I’ll definitely be breaking more in the future.

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