Baseball Card Blaster Box Break: 2019 Topps Gypsy Queen


From a financial standpoint, ripping blasters probably doesn’t make sense for me. I go through so many that a hobby box or two would probably guarantee me more hits. But it’s time like this (plus their lower prices so it doesn’t feel as “heavy” right away) that makes ripping into blasters fun.

I recently picked this blaster up online during one of Target’s baseball cards sales… so let’s dig into the 8 packs in this box!

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I’ll start with the blaster-exclusive green parallels…. I like Sandy Alcantara and Starling Marte but otherwise, a not-too-exciting pack.


Pack 1: Oh, hello again, Alcantara and Marte. Solid trio in this pack of Yadier Molina, Mike Trout, and Mookie Betts.

20191103_141251Pack 2: Tarot of the Diamond Corey Kluber…. yeah, that’s a cool card. Nice card of World Series champ (and all-around goofball) Sean Doolittle. And I wish Carlos Rodon could have stayed healthy — dude’s got great stuff.


Pack 3: Missing nameplate Byron Buxton (again, another player who would be better if he could stay healthy). Last year’s World Series makes an appearance in Chris Salve vs. Cody Bellinger. And I got an auto from Corey Dickerson last season at a Pirates game — seemed like a good dude.


Pack 4: The big draw in this pack…. Chris Archer! Sorry, as a Pirates fan, I have to believe that’s true (please bounce back next season). But the real hit was the Matt Chapman auto. This card was actually already on my extensive watch list on COMC so I was thrilled to pull it in person. Sure, I’d wish the centering was better. But hey, you still can’t beat pulling a PC card from a blaster!


Pack 5: Fortune Teller Mini Ronald Acuna Jr…. dope. He’s so much fun to watch. I was lucky enough to get an auto from him in his minor league days. Also nice rookie from a Pirate… although I can never keep him and Kevin Newman straight. And Victor Robles is a good young outfielder. And it should be a law that Andrelton Simmons is only featured in the field on cards.


Pack 6: Glad to see Max Scherzer finally win a World Series… and make an appearance in my pack. Also I have high expectations next season for Miguel Andujar — the dude can hit.


Pack 7: This pack might not contain the biggest names, but I do love the photos in the first four cards in this pack. As a Yankee fan, I had moderate hopes for Chance Adams. After watching him pitch…. I’m not so sure now.

According to my TradingCardDB log, I only have about 50% of the base set in my collection so I’ll probably buy more blasters over time. Will I get another auto? Doubtful. But it’s still a fun set to collect.

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