Baseball Blaster Box Break: 2020 Topps Big League

In the early stages of the pandemic, I took a bit of a break from opening cards. I started limiting the number of trips out I made, online retailers were selling out of their products like crazy, secondary markets were charging insane markups on products, and well, I just wanted to focus on other things. But once I started up again, I realized how much I missed it.

One of the products that got me back hooked was the new Big League. I remember seeing the early buzz about it and knowing that I had to get some. I liked the design that had a throwback feel to it. So when I found blasters on eBay for $20 each (actually normal price!), I pounced on three.

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I won’t go into detail on all 3 boxes, but instead will focus on my favorite box. Here’s how it went:


I’ll start with the blue parallel bonus pack… which landed me an auto! I like Jordan Yamomoto (it’s a really fun name to say) and have high hopes for the ex-Cardinals pitcher. I was really excited to add it to my keep collection.


Each pack contains one orange parallel and one insert. While this insert wasn’t anything to write home about, the orange parallel is a really nice pull. How can you not be excited about a Luis Robert card?


I really like the Roll Call insert, and especially like that it’s Aristedes Aquino. I saw him in his second game last season before his mashing started. But even though he went 0-for-4 in that game, you could tell he could swing it.


Hey, Mike Trout! Love the photos used for the Kevin Newman and Mitch Garver cards.


Another great photo used, this time with Keston Hiura. But I really want to talk about his Twitter handle (@Kestdaddy). I find it both hilarious and a bit odd at the same time. But come on, you gotta root for the kid.


The black and white parallel looks really cool. It helps that it’s serial numbered to 50. As a Pirates fan, I’d like to not have anymore reminders of Chris Archer. Ugh, that trade’s a killer.


It’s only fitting that an Austin Meadows comes in the next pack. Funny joke, Topps. Also, Kris Bryant — a reminder to be careful on investing too heavily on prospects. Huge hype, great first few years, then one injury and one semi down year and all of a sudden he’s almost forgotten in the industry. Just weird.


That Kyle Schwarber has to be one of the best-looking cards this year. Just a great photo. More of this please, Topps.


It’s so fitting that Gleyber  Torres  is featured against the Orioles. He owned them last year. Truly incredible. And as much as I hate Carlos Correa and the Astros… that photo is so cool. I begrudgingly approve of this card.


You know, I don’t think I’d ever seen a card like that Andrew Benintendi one before. It makes me wonder… why aren’t there more plays at first cards?


As a Yankees fan also, it hurts to see Didi in a Phillies uniform. He was my favorite on the team. Ik houd van Didi! But hey, at least I can root for Mookie Betts now that he’s no longer on the Sox.

So that’s the box. Ten packs, 10 cards in each pack plus the 5-card blue pack. I like the base design and there’s a lot of great photography in the set. Inserts are pretty fun, but I’m not a fan of the caricature ones. But it’s definitely a box I’d buy again if I can find them.

As for the other 2 boxes in my order… they were also full of goodies. One included a blue Jose Urquidy auto and the other had a 1/1 red foil Dallas Keuchel in it. Insane! The hits here proved to be more plentiful than other Topps products in recent years.

If you’re looking for a fun product to break at a price that’s (hopefully) not above retail, Big League is for you!

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