Baseball Card Blaster Box Break: 2020 Topps Stadium Club

As I’m sure many of you know, it’s been tough finding blasters this year since the pandemic hit. Even online, the products sell out within seemingly minutes.

So when I found boxes of Stadium Club online at WalMart, I jumped on the opportunity and bought a few boxes. It’s not my favorite product but I do like it, and I didn’t know when I could get the opportunity again. (That was in late August/early September. In the time since, I’ve yet to see them again.)

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While some of the boxes were average — another did include a Fernando Tatis Jr SSP, which I didn’t realize until well after the fact — there was one box that caught my eye and wanted to share.

Blasters contain one widevision card per box, and mine was Bryce Harper. I like them better than the giant cards in the Archives blasters (they’re the same size of the Upper Deck Tallboys so I have ways to store them. Still looking for ways to do that for the giant cards).

Pack 1 started off with a nice parallel, the red foil Jesus Luzardo. It’s always tough to gauge how well a pitcher will do long term but he certainly has potential. The Christian Yelich card has a great photo — even if that game was a painful one, as a Pirates fan.

Pack 2 featured another appearance by Luzardo. I also have hope that Jordan Yamamoto will become a good starter (call it the former Cardinals prospect syndrome), even if he did have a rough season. The Stan Musial sepia is the insert this time.

Pack 3, and another parallel of a card whose base was featured in another pack. This one is the black foil of Nick Markakis. And can we talk about the car that Ty Cobb is driving? This is how you know you’re opening Stadium Club.

Pack 4 features double hits, and what a pair they are. Ken Griffey Jr. is good enough alone. But to add a red parallel of Mike Trout is an awesome bonus. I believe the odds of finding one are 1:193. Not too shabby.

Pack 5 features another great hit, the Pete Alonso Instavision. I’m not sure I get the whole concept of what Topps was going for here, but I do like the panel part — I’m a sucker for player cutouts and large logos in the background. For those of you keeping score at home, these are found in 1:193 packs.

Pack 6 brings us another red foil, the second one of this box. The odds of getting one in a pack are 1:4, so you can expect to getting at least two of these in a box. As a Vandy fan, I always love getting another Walker Buehler card — even if he is bunting.

Pack 7’s focus wasn’t on the sepia card — at least for me. I was drawn to the Dylan Cease card. Even if it wasn’t a parallel or “hit” it’s still an awesome photo.

Pack 8 brings a close to the blaster, and of course it features another red foil. Funnily enough, all three of those red foils in this box were of pitchers — two rookie pitchers, no less. I will admit to being a bit disappointed that the Derek Dietrich photo wasn’t him in the bee keeper’s uniform.

This is the type of blaster boxes that flippers might be disappointed in — no big name autos — but as a collector, I truly appreciate. I’d love to get the chance to open a few more of these boxes, but I don’t know if or when I’ll see these again, let alone for $20.

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